Ashley Chookazian, MSW, LSW

Director of Social Services

“The essential is invisible to the eye”
Ashley gets it. Her skilled knowledge of a vast array of subjects from Social Work, Medi-Care policies and Healthcare combined with her innate intuition to see the big picture assists her in helping residents and their families navigate and choose the best plan possible for their stay at our home.

After completing her studies in 2014, she immediately engaged in the social work field, maximizing her experience in oncology, general and geriatric psychology.

Born to an Armenian Dad and American Mom, she comes from a multi-cultural background that gave her a unique perspective of the world around her. It was her Armenian roots that linked her to our home, where she was pleasantly surprised to learn of the existence of ANRC and officially joined our team in the fall of 2016. She soon realized her biggest asset lies in her ability to absorb as much information possible about new admissions in a limited amount of time given to provide the absolute best-individualized plan for each resident, a true art form.

She will answer all your questions in depth and detail, as well as the unasked ones, with precision and understanding. Knowing how to connect with residents and their family members during their time of need, through the uncertainty of planning the aftermath of short-term rehabilitation or adjusting to long-term care is essential in skilled nursing care. Ashley certainly gets it.