Ryan Ratliff, SLP

Director of Rehabilitation

“The Voice Of Love”

When Ryan speaks, hearts will listen. Ryan directs the daily scheduling and activities for the PT, OT, and Speech Department at ANRC while conducting personal Speech treatment sessions with residents.

Originally from Ohio with degrees in Music Education and Vocal, Theatre and Dance under his belt, his talent soon gained him recognition on Broadway where he performed on tour and stage in NYC.  It was his love of voice that set him on a journey to delve into the anatomic and structural components that give each of us a unique voice to be heard. Graduating from Columbia University with a Master’s Degree concentrated in voice and swallowing disorders, he plans to continue studying and unraveling the mysteries of voice through clinical and rehabilitation research.

As a Speech-Language Pathologist with RehabCare in West Orange, NJ, he graciously accepted the Director position at ANRC and has been with us here since June.

For Ryan, healthcare is beyond being a ‘business’. He believes it to be customizing to people’s lives in every aspect. Whether rehab is needed to optimize independence, or long-term care plans are initiated to make a new home feel like ‘home’, Ryan is at the heart of ANRC and accommodates residents at an incredibly personal level.