Donna Stellatos

Front Desk Receptionist

“Welcome To Our Home”

Donna is the welcoming face of our home. With ANRC since 2006, she is the first smile you see and the last one you’ll remember. One of Emerson’s own, Donna is as local as it gets. She grew up in Emerson where she attended school, got married and became a stay-at-home Mom of three children. She didn’t have to go far to seek out ANRC and it’s here where she found her happy place.

Donna has many memories and has connected with many residents throughout her 12 years with ANRC. One of her most memorable is of a gentleman amputee who would cut up bread each morning to feed the birds. Donna would assist in this important task by putting the pieces outside. She’d share in the resident’s silent joy as he watched the feathery friends scurry to feed.

Always alert and abundant, she is quick to help with the ever-changing dynamics that encompass any nursing care facility. Donna is the smile that keeps us connected while blessing us each day with her welcoming presence.