Josepha Roloff

Josepha Roloff, ADC, CDP

Activities Director

“Look What I Can Do”

Josepha is everybody’s friend. She’s the kind of friend who’ll take you on an adventure.

In the Activity profession since 1995, Josepha has been a Certified Activities Director for over 20 years. She worked at a facility for 14 years as she built an industry-wide reputation honing her skills at empowering residents and tapping into their sense of accomplishment and self-worth. It was for these reasons she was sought after to join our home.

Josepha embraces her responsibility of ensuring that we not only meet the needs of our residents as their level of functioning changes, but she is also always encouraging our residents to push to their highest level of functioning. Josepha energetically assists our residents in achieving their personal satisfaction of creativity and independence by focusing on the journey as well as the end-product. Once they do get there, she stresses the residents’ sense of accomplishment as they admire their masterpiece with pride!

As a mom of three, Josepha’s fun-loving nature is truly infectious by creating the warm and cozy feeling that warms our home.

She continually demonstrates an effervescent energy by promoting our residents’ independence and turning their ‘I can’t’ to ‘look what I can do!’