Mari Camcikyan

Mari Camcikyan, RN, BC

Director of Nursing

“The Next Best Thing to An Angel”

Mari’s passion is her hallmark. As a Board-Certified Gerontology Nurse, when it comes to the health and well-being of our residents, she wholeheartedly and meticulously oversees every aspect of our nursing care, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. Knowing Mari is knowing ANRC.

Mari joined ANRC in April of 2000 and was promoted to the Director of Nursing position in 2015. She has dedicated countless years, months and days to improving the quality of care to the impeccable standard you see today.

The granddaughter of an Armenian Genocide survivor, she is well-versed in the tales of her ancestors who bravely fought and escaped an unfair affliction. Her identity is enmeshed with the purpose of the very founders of our home as she watches over each resident’s daily health with precise focus and undeterred dedication.