Outgoing Telephone Message


 Welcome to the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Emerson, New Jersey. 

The next best thing to home. 

As of Monday, November 23, the facility proudly reports our general operating status is normal and that all residents and staff are testing negative for COVID-19. 

Presently and until further notice, only window visitations are available so please call the Receptionist to make an appointment. 

Any changes in our visitation procedures will be reported to you on this telephone message as soon as we receive them from the New Jersey Department of Health. 

  • For the Sub Acute Unit please press 1 
  • For Nursing 1 please press 2 
  • For Nursing 2 please press 3 
  • For Nursing Administration please press 4 
  • For our Social Worker please press 5 
  • For Human Resources or the Business Office please press 6 
  • For our Dietary Office please press 7 
  • For our Activities Office please press 8 
  • For the Names Directory please press 9 
  • For Emergency Numbers please press 10 

To repeat this message please press the # sign 

Thank you and have a wonderful day!