Shelly Farbowitz

Director of Human Resources

“Service with an Open Door”
Shelly is a magnetic multi-tasker. Her direct communication combined with her instinctive charm provides a welcoming backdrop to our home. A Human Resources Director with ANRC since 2013, she breezes through multiple tasks from recruiting, assisting with interviews, processing, documentation, payroll, and termination with organizational and confidential efficiency.

An inherit problem-solver, she provides the crucial connectivity needed for any team on a mission. Her wisdom and council bonds and cements relationships. Shelly is also a master of conflict resolution; her openness and charisma help address, placate, diffuse and redirect. Her compassion is a guiding light for all to never lose sight of our goal of providing outstanding care.

Having worked for a large brokerage in NYC prior to ANRC, she considers her daily conversations and interactions with our residents as the motivating reason to joining our home.