Steve Epstein

Steve Epstein, MPA, LNHA


“Leading With A Sense of Humor”

Steve is a kind, approachable and true leader who also has a keen sense of humor. A licensed nursing home administrator in New Jersey and New York, he worked in hospitals, nursing homes, and transitional care units in both states. His decades-long experience within an often-serious industry gave him the insight to use humor as a necessary prescription for success and happiness. He energizes residents, families, and staff with anecdotes that make you put things in perspective, break tensions, bond with each other and create lasting memories.

He is always seeking to enhance the health, safety, and well-being of our residents through his affiliation with the American College of Health Care Administrators and the Society of Licensed Nursing Home Administrators of New Jersey both of which he’s been a member of for more than 20 years.